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A big pot of this is currently simmering on the stove. Any soup recipe that involves half a pound of bacon is fine by me. I added curry powder, thyme, basil flakes, parsley flakes and chicken bullion. I substituted red potatoes for regular potatoes. To be topped with green onions. Delish!

Next up: a loaf of banana bread with raspberries added.

God bless carbohydrates!
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So the winner of the "what shall I make" debate yesterday was:

Veggie lasagne! Thanks [ profile] nat_marion! I know, not terribly glamorous, but tasty and freezes well. Convenient, as we have friends coming for dinner tonight!

So I used half the broccoli, the zucchini, some of the peppers and all the milk. I also roasted and skinned all the hot peppers and froze those, for future use in quesadillas, enchiladas, salads, etc.

Now we have Veggie Projects Part Deux! What do we do with:

-Approximately ONE HUNDRED green tomatoes. They are in the basement now wrapped in newspaper, which Grandma Tarka says will allow them to ripen. I hope they do! If so, we'll have a ton of ripe tomatoes, and I imagine we'll can some salsa/sauces/juice. Anyone got good HOT salsa recipes? If not, we need to figure out what to do with 100 green tomatoes. We don't really eat relish or pickles. Hmm.

-Still have a dozen small red peppers which need to be used soon. Question: can one blanch and freeze red peppers for future use in stir fry, pasta, etc?

-Still have plenty of broccoli and potatoes. Bought bacon. Planning to make a potato broccoli chowder with bacon. Yum, bacon! If anyone has a good recipe for something like this, I'm all ears. So far, I've found:

-Have I mentioned we have a lot of green tomatoes? Yeah, LOTS, about a hundred. And that's not counting the dozens of teeny little ones that Tom lovingly pried from the bushes, ranging from grape to kumquat sized.

-Oh, we also have two lovely yellow squashes! Small ones, zuch sized.

Thank you to everyone for their advice and suggestions!
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We have on hand:

One box of green tomatoes (maybe 5 or 6 pounds?)
One HUGE head of fresh farmer's market broccoli
~Two pounds of red potatoes
~Two pounds of farmer's market red and green bell peppers
~One pound of farmer's market large hot peppers (currently in the process of roasting & freezing some of them)
~ 1 pound of small white onions
One bunch of scallions
One medium-sized zucchini

Some sour cream, lots of eggs, some milk, kielbasa, chicken garlic sausage, and plenty of frozen cubed and shredded zucchini.

What the hell should I cook?! Preferably something that uses up LOTS of the broccoli, peppers and/or green tomatoes.

Also, if you have suggestions of recipe websites, I'm all ears! I can't seem to find one that's diverse enough to satisfy my recipe needs in one go.


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