Jul. 6th, 2007 08:19 pm
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I'm writing this from the Tigerden internet cafe at ANTHROCON 2007! Woohoo!

I'm super excited to be at the con - so much creativity, so many awesome people. I've seen some awesome costumes, and it makes my heart happy to be around freaky furry people. 

HOWEVER I'm all here by my lonesome and I don't know a single soul.  So far I've gone to the bathroom twice, walked around the main lobby at least three times, and spent a fair bit of time by the water cooler. I've had plenty of short "great costume!" comments, but nobody seems to want to actually *talk* to me.

Perhaps it's the fact that I'm wearing armor with saw blades and a bloody barbie doll head on the shoulders?  Perhaps it's the two black eyes, the copious cleavage? Maybe I just look angry and like I don't want to talk to anyone. Maybe I should go sit in one of the lobbies and .. uh.. look "friendly". If that's possible, given the current outfit. Or maybe I should take the armor off and look a bit more.. demure? Hmf.

At any rate, at least in an hour and a half I have a discussion to attend: "Skulls, Feathers and Fur" all about collecting natural materials and using them in your costumes/art.  Given that I've already started a modest collection of skulls found at job sites, I figure I shouldn't miss it!

On the offhand chance anyone reading this is attending AC, please say hi! I promise I'm friendly, even if I look like a vicious plushykiller.


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