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I had a conversation with my (TOTALLY AWESOME) boss today about time off. It began with discussion of my upcoming field duties and training, and then the subject turned to how he approaches management of the people in our office. Things went something like this.

Me; So, speaking of sticking up for your employees, my six month review is coming up next week. I'm wondering if it's possible, instead of getting a raise, to get additional paid time off days.

Boss: Well, this isn't the first time someone's asked, and I can tell you the results are generally not very good. It's really hard to negotiate that.

Me: Okay, so be it, I kind of figured as much.

Boss: But let me ask you, how do you feel about taking leave without pay?  Because what I can do is campaign to get you the biggest raise possible, to get you a great salary, and then you can just take unpaid leave.

Me: And that's okay? That's commonly done?

Boss: Yeah! How do you think I went to Bali in August and Kenya in April?

Me: Well, I want to be sure of two things. First, that it won't put you in an uncomfortable situation, arguing for unpaid leave on my behalf, that the HR folks won't get angry. And second, that it won't jeopardize my position within the company, that it won't cause problems when it comes time for my performance reviews or anything. I don't want people to see me as not pulling my weight.

Boss: No, Seriously, it's no problem. Request it, I'm the one who reviews it, and I'll totally approve it. You should take whatever time you need. If it's more than four weeks, we might have to talk.

Me: You just made my week.

Boss: *big happy smile*


I love my job. I also have a fantastic boss who wants me to be happy, who wants to get me a big raise next month, and who is a world traveller who understands wanderlust. And now my options for travel are far less limited.  Peru in the spring is actually feasible!! YAY!


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