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Six notes from the month of January:

Note 1: Timescale proposal submitted! Wahoo! Uh oh, now we have to actually BUILD it if they decide to give us a grant....

Note 2: If we get that grant, I'll need a vehicle for build season (and beyond...). I briefly borrowed a truck from a friend, but alas that won't be a long-term solution. I'm pondering an extended-cab Toyota pickup, basically a nicer newer version of BonBon with more seating room. We'll see. Saving that decision for after we hear back on grant satus.

Note 3: My cat is really, really snotty. Like, snot flying out of his nose in long nasty opaque chunky globs. Ew. However, fresh air seems to be helping him of late, so hopefully the summer will be easier on his poor congested sinuses.

Note 4: I love living in Oakland! And I love biking to work. I'm super excited for the imminent arrival of my new bike, hand-built on an old Fuji Sagres mixtie frame by my friend Tomcat.

Note 5: Furcon was a helluva fun time! Got to see M & Jovino in their element, hung out a big with Neonbunny and his adorable boy, and met Salamander and Woofie. My partner in crime was Ramon, a dapper bear indeed. Next year I'm determined to rouse a larger crew of my friends to join me!

Note 6: I finished off the month at the Fishbowl for Ed's birthday, then dancing my ass off to Amon Tobin at the Independent. After working in the field 7am-3pm on Saturday, I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and doubted I'd be feeling very motivated to dance at the Amon Tobin show. But damn, every time I see im perform, he just won't let me not dance! It's insidious, his music - it 's fucking addictive glitchy evil gnarly pounding wonderful motivation! After the show I biked back to Riverton with Colin and we passed out hard. I can't hardly complain - finishing January in the arms of a wonderful man!

February is off to a roaring start - today I went shopping for tweed with Colin, preparing for the upcoming Tweed Ride on February 12th! Next weekend it's back to the Timescale grindstone, refining the concrete mix for the columns.

Life goes on, beautifully, overwhelmedly, and scattershot. Just the way I like it.


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