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Say something nice about the last five people you've broken up with.

Ian Kelso - Had strong, capable hands, making him a great rock climber and also a wonderful cuddler. One heck of a goofy smile!
Ian Baker ([ profile] raindrift ) - Taught me how to tie my shoes properly. Never stops learning. Has the best laugh of anyone I know.
Tom Tarka ([ profile] avocado_tom ) - Has un-ending energy. Is passionate about his work, and inspiringly so. Very dedicated to his family.
Levin - Fabulous cook, with a nice cock.
Mikolaj Habryn ([ profile] syncretin ) - Is loyal and kind beyond compare, tremendously generous, and has a lovely singing voice.


So, as the list above indicates, sadly [ profile] syncretin  and I have decided to part ways as lovers. Though really, I don't feel too sad - I feel like it's for the best for both of us. Basically we have divergent goals and needs/wants right now, and we realized it was going to be difficult to negotiate a relationship that worked for both of us. We talked about this on Sunday when he returned from NYC, and chose to be friends rather than risking a losing bet on an outside chance.  I'm proud of the level to which I openly communicated my wants/needs, and proud of Mikolaj for being honest and direct with me, even though it was hard and meant ultimately breaking up. I'm looking forward to getting to know him better as a friend, without the stress of dischordant relationship goals.

Work is continuing to kick ass, though I'm getting a bit tired out by all the field work. Thankfully I think I'll get a bit of a reprieve in about two weeks. My six month review was stellar - my boss is very pleased with my work, and also gave me some very useful information and advice about my career path ahead. It remains to be seen whether I'll get a 6 month raise, because the company-wide slowdown may prevent such things. But my boss is sure trying, which makes me feel great.

I had a fabulous first date on Tuesday night, and I'm still basking in the afterglow of that. The fellow in question is someone I've known since my return to SF, though mainly just on a peripheral level. After some great random interactions at the burn, he tracked me down again and asked me out. It's nice to be pursued! It's also particularly nice to have the chance to spend time with someone so intelligent, thoughtful, kind and charming. We're both looking forward to getting to know each other better. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Spatula is curled up on the floor by my feet, the picture of cuteness. He's been very affectionate lately, and I'm super happy that he's taken to sleeping in my room, on my bed, curled up next to my head. The first three months in this house he slept in the living room on the floor or couch, but unexpectedly last week (just when I was getting sick and depressed) he changed his routine. It's so nice having him there to snuggle when I wake up in the morning!

Happy Halloween. I'm headed to work tomorrow in normal work clothes, with the addition of giant stompy bear paw feet. Hooray!

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A few things, in no particular order.

Thing 1: I have a DESK! A real honest to goodness desk. It looks like this:

It holds things. It is a lovely size and surface on which to write long, rambling letters to dear friends. It makes me very happy. It was fifty dollars, and coincidentally enough I purchased it from my good friend Sarah's landlord.

Thing 2: I've been pondering aging and maturity lately. I have noticed changes in my body in the past year or so, leading me to believe that I am entering a new stage of my life, something akin to "womanhood". Fascinating! My skin has completely cleared up, as has a pesky ear affliction of my youth. My eczema is a bit more persistent (due largely to Pittsburgh's more extreme climate). I am thinking a lot more about children and procreation, though I suspect a part of that is tied in with living with a life partner and thus thinking more about long-term plans. I'm not able to stay up as late as I did when I was 21, and alcohol has a more drastic effect on my body. I get headaches, which never used to happen. I'm more aware of my level of physical fitness - in a more direct, fleshy way as opposed to a cerebral way. All very interesting to think about.

Thing 3: I worked in the field today and I got muddy and it was BEAUTIFUL! Also, as we were sitting by our trucks waiting for a shelby tube to set, the drillers and I witnessed an intriguing natural scene. A mid-sized bird, some type of nesting bird with a white breast, brown wings, and two dark brown rings around its neck, flew and ran into the gravel path and started calling out loudly, and when we paid attention it pretended to be injured, floundering upside-down in a ditch. Justin shouted out to the bird calling its bluff - apparently many nesting birds will exhibit such behavior in an attempt to lure predators away from their nests. We had just moved the drill rig into a very brushy area, prime nesting territory. The bird continued to call loudly from the road, running back and forth, for at least five minutes. Fascinating. It was one of those moments when I felt pangs of guilt for the destruction inherent in my job - the entire woodlands will be razed to make way for the new headquarters for Westinghouse. But hey, maybe they'll make a bunch of nuclear power plants and stop global warming. Hrm, I'd rather not think about that right now, I have enough on my mind.

Thing 4: Dessert tonight consisted of a low-fat capuccino brownie topped with ice cream, raspberries and blueberries, and chocolate sauce. Ye-YUM! No wonder I've gained back 2 of the 7 pounds I lost from Valentines Day thru tax day. Next week, back to my 2-3 nights a week in the gym.

Thing 5: Kitty is cranky. We've been moving lots of furniture around (my craft room is almost ready for an actual craft table and storage bins, huzzah!). We've also been paying less than 100% attention to him at all times, a mortal sin of the highest degree.

With that, I'm off to snuggle with the kitty and get to bed. Mreow!

Thing 6: Drink more water!
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The Spatulator has arrived! I picked him up at the United Cargo terminal an hour ago. He was awfully sedate on the drive home (though he hadn't been medically sedated). But, now that he's in the house, he's taking over in true style. Exploring everything and scratching at the door saying "I wanna explore MORE!" He's used the litterbox, which is definitely good, and he's currently eating and drinking.

In other news, Job #4 just made me a counter offer. It's not a great offer - only slightly higher than their earlier offer, and still substantially (i.e. more than 10%) lower than the higher offer. But, lots to think about - good benefits, closer to home, more basic work. I think I'm going to call a former co-student to ask her thoughts.
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In just six hours, I will be eagerly waiting in line at the United Cargo pickup desk at the Pittsburgh International Airport to retrieve my darling attack muffin, the one, the only, SPATULA! He's currently in the air, flying from SFO to ORD (Chicago O'Hare), then he connects to Pittsburgh.

I can hardly wait to have him in the house! He'll start off here in my room, where his litterbox is, and where some familiar things are (including ME!). Once he's settled into this room, I'll let him out to explore the rest of the house.

Fly safe, dear Spatulus Prime, see you soon!


A yi yi, this just never stops changing! Back and forth and back and forth. The original booking had him arriving at 8:46. Last night, the SFO cargo office called to say he would be arriving earlier - at 1:46 pm - because he was dropped off early. This morning I called the PIT office and they confirmed 1:46 pm. But now they just called back and said he's back on the night flight, arriving at 8:46 pm. And the lady at the general United Cargo place says no no, he'll be on the 1:46pm flight. Which is it?! Yeow, people, figure it out! I just hope he makes it safely.


Thank you Debbie at United Airlines Cargo! She's the manager at the customer service call center, and she figured everything out and reassured me. He's in Chicago right now, inside and in his kennel on someone's desk where it's nice and warm, and he's doing fine. He will be loaded on the earlier flight, and I'll pick him up around 2:15 my time. HOORAY!


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