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For those of you following along at home, life sure is crazy here in Pittsburgh.  This week has been an emotional rollercoaster, and I imagine the next few months will continue to toss my heart and soul like a tasty crunchy organic salad.

Decisions have been made. A path is being carved out, and only time will tell where that path will lead.

The background: as many of you know, I've been battling some pretty hardcore depression basically since I arrived. It's understandable - I've uprooted myself from everything and everyone I know to come to a new city, a new job, and a new life with Tom.  Adjustments are rough. The depression has taken its toll on both me personally and on the

As such, Tom and I have decided that I'm going to move out for a while. I'm staying in Pittsburgh - living with friends across town (THANK YOU Claire and Jeff!) - but Tom and I are going to try *not* cohabitating for a while. We never really dated, so we're going to give that a try in the hopes that we can rebuild our day-to-day relationship on a steadier footing.

Annnnnd... wait for it... I'm going to burning man!  I swore up and down I wouldn't go this year, but with all of the chaos in my life right now I think it might be a really good opportunity for me.  So, I booked my ticket to Reno (only $299 on Southwest, woohoo!), got my vacation time, and the deal is sealed.

As such, I'm on the lookout for a not-exhorbitantly-expensive entry ticket, a ride to/from the airport (Arriving Tuesday night 10pm, departing Sunday 3:30pm), and a playa bike.  Holler if you have any leads!  I have no idea where I'm camping yet, but I'll let you know when I decide.  I look forward to seeing some of you out there!

And lastly, I want to thank everyone who  has supported Tom and myself through these amazingly rewarding and difficult months.  Even though we haven't seen you much in person, the words and phone calls and emails and good vibes have helped tremendously.

I love you all!


Now let's go blow some stuff up!!!!


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