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This morning, cleaned the bathroom. Sink, toilet, shower. Sparkly, yay! God bless COMET.

This afternoon, played and cuddled with the cat. He even flipped for me like the good Spatula that he is! Mreow. He's settling nicely, which makes me VERY happy. And he's super soft for post-shower naked cuddling. Ah, cat ownership, such a wonderful thing. (Though [ profile] xmasons, I think he misses you... he's opening up, but he's certainly still quite skittish and unsure what to make of me!)

This evening, I'll hopefully get the priming done in our bedroom. Tomorrow we paint, and Monday our new mattress arrives! YAY bedroom!

PS: It's in the 40s today. We had FLURRIES on Thursday!
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The Spatulator has arrived! I picked him up at the United Cargo terminal an hour ago. He was awfully sedate on the drive home (though he hadn't been medically sedated). But, now that he's in the house, he's taking over in true style. Exploring everything and scratching at the door saying "I wanna explore MORE!" He's used the litterbox, which is definitely good, and he's currently eating and drinking.

In other news, Job #4 just made me a counter offer. It's not a great offer - only slightly higher than their earlier offer, and still substantially (i.e. more than 10%) lower than the higher offer. But, lots to think about - good benefits, closer to home, more basic work. I think I'm going to call a former co-student to ask her thoughts.
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I arrived last night around 8pm. Dinner, unloading the truck, humpa humpa, then bed.

I am a bit out of sorts today. Distracted, unfocused, tired, chilled. But there's a happiness below the surface. I just have to settle a bit before it will peek out its nose.


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