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At this very moment Dance Dance Immolation is in a shipping container on a train headed for Houston, Texas.  From Houston it will be loaded onto a cargo ship and will be on a motherfucking boat to Denmark. On July 31st, a 7-person crew of Interpretive Arsonists will fly to Copenhagen and proceed overland to Skanderborg for Smukfest. We will be running DDI for four nights, August 6-9. And if that wasn't enough, the festival takes place in a forest, so they're building us a raft and we'll be running on a lake.

The team (myself, [ profile] raindrift , [ profile] nicoletbn , Jonathan, Mo, [ profile] edrabbit , and [ profile] sofauxboho ) will be working hard the duration of our stay - four days of setup, four nights running (August 6-9), two days of teardown/pack-up, a day at Legoland, then back to Copenhagen.  

The majority of the crew will be headed straight back to SF.  Something about some big party in the desert? I dunno, anyway, I've decided to spend another week and a half (August 13-22) exploring Scandinavia!  My round trip plane fare is paid by the festival, and the first 10 days we get room and board. I might as well spend a little of my savings getting a real vacation after the (totally awesome and worth it) stress of running DDI in a foreign country.

If anyone has recommendations of places to visit or stay in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania or St. Petersburg, let me know. Even more awesome would be introductions to friends residing in Scandinavia whose couches I might surf in exchange for witty commentary about fire and robots, stickers, doing the dishes, and being relatively house-trained.

WOOOOOOOHOOOOO! We are now officially International Rockstars. Fuck yeah.
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