Apr. 23rd, 2009

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I, clearly, don't write in my LJ much anymore. What with twitter, facebook and having a real job and a busy life, I rarely find the time. When I do, it tends to be scattered lists of random things. Today is no exception. I give you thirteen random events and thoughts from the last few months.

I've determined with some certainty that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. More specifically, sunlight is a drug, and without it I get depressed. I'm really happy it's spring again! I love daylight savings. Having golden light streaming through the windows when I return home from work is an amazingly uplifting and emboldening thing.

I've joined a gym. I've got a kickass personal trainer named Carmela - she's totally sexy and inspiring. I'm going to the gym 3 to 5 days a week - weight training, cardio on the elliptical, and treating myself to the dry sauna afterwards. The gym is halfway between my  house and my office, which makes it very easy to work out before or after work.  I joined soon after we decided to stop working on Timescale. I figured I have the free time, and no excuse! I've wanted to get in better shape for... a while now... and I finally have a good attitude about it. So far so good.

This month marks my five year anniversary with [livejournal.com profile] headlouse . Five amazing, wonderful years! Five years of growth, learning, laughing together and adventuring around the world side by side. Five years of successful navigating the at-times turbulent waters of polyamory. Five years of dedication to our relationship, his marriage with [profile] nifercritter , and my own interest in finding a partner. Five years of communication and patience. Five years of fabulous sex. Five years that have seen major changes in both of our lives - from new homes, to new jobs, to new lovers and circles of friends. Here's to us, and here's to another five!

I adore my tiny pink MSI wind. It is the cutest computer evar. Hackintosh FTW!

I have started saving towards a downpayment on a house. With luck, I'll be buying my own home in the next 3 to 6 years. It depends where I wind up living - East Bay is most likely, but I'm also taking a gander at cities beyond the Bay Area. I'll be in Portland in October for the Geological Society of America national meeting, but don't worry I have no plans to head back to the east coast any time soon.

We're running Dance Dance Immolation this coming Saturday night at NIMBY: How to Destroy the Universe Part 6! Read all about it here. Come say  hi! I'll be MC'ing later in the evening.

I got a raise yesterday. Not a big one, but enough that I feel valued and appreciated, particularly in these trying economic times. It's awesome that I get paid a handsome salary to do something I love. I commented to Claire last night, "You know, when I was in Pittsburgh, I romanticized life in San Francisco. Now that I'm back I've realized it was all true!"

I learned how to ride a motorcyle! I successfully passed the Motorcycle Safety Fundamentals class last month, and I have an appointment next week at the DMV to get my M1 license. After that, we'll see... on the one hand, I could totally buy a motorcycle! That would be awesome! On the other hand, I could save my money and put it towards that house I'm dreaming about, and not run the risk of being killed on the highway.

I've been working out in the field at  San Pablo Dam. It's a fascinating project, both from a project management standpoint and from a geotechnical standpoint. I've been working 20 - 30 hours at the job site logging solid CDSM core, choosing samples for compressive strength testing, and compiling an extensive database tracking all of the sampling and installation. Learning lots!

Spatula is doing great! Springtime agrees well with le chat - his snarfling has subsided and he spends many an afternoon sprawled across my bed, basking in the sunshine. I bought him a new cat tree and though he's not tackling it at 2am anymore, he still spends a fair amount of time scratching and gnawing at it. He'll be five years old in June.

It goes to eleven! Last weekend marked the 6th annual Bicycle Day. We had a smaller crew this time - a tight knit band of twelve. We returned to Angel Island for a sunny, euphoric ride to the top of the mountain, from whence we surveyed the entire Bay Area. It was a beautiful day filled with good friends and good cheer. After our ride we retired to House Askew for delicious snacks and dinner, music, and the unveiling of a hidden universe beneath our coffee table.

And with that, it's time for me to take a bath and head to sleep. Farewell, and stay tuned for more in another month or three!


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